As a writer, i love Mya Angelou’s books. As a woman, i love her attitude and her wisdom and her life experiences. When she died, I was on Moloka’i Island, staying on a deserted beach, trying to finish It Takes Only One.  I woke to the news, went down to the beach and ceremoniously asked her spirit for help with my final lines. I think i got it. I love ITOO’s ending.

Her face inspired this drawing of Earth Mother and Nigerian goddess, Ala. She is the goddess of Earth, of morality, of fertility, of creativity. She rules the Underworld and is guardian of women and children. She is also in charge of the beginning and ending cycles of life. She welcomes the souls of the dead to rest in her own womb. Sounds like a comforting idea.


This is a trailer for a documentary about Angelou. The line i like best is: “When I reached for the pen to write, I had to scrape it across those scars.”